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Channel Launch

Newsx : Launch of a premiere English news channel News X followed by operational and content support (2008-09)

Sahara Samay : Launch and running of the national and three regional news TV stations. Manpower training and recruitment, editorial content and set-up of India's first fully automated newsroom. (2002 -04)

Times Now& Zoom : Technical workflow and equipment selection (2005)

IBN7 : Implementation of the fastest launch including editorial content mapping and manpower recruitment. (2004-05)

STVus (Long Island, New York) : Turnkey project involving technical, operational and post launch support at Long Island New York (US) (2006)

Feasibility Study

HT Media : Feasibility Study and Business Plan for four TV channels

Jupiter Networks : Feasibility study of National English News Channels

Mstar : Landscaping Kerala broadcast market

Day & Night : Feasibility Study for News & Entertainment channels for Punjab and NRIs

KatraVision : Feasibility study and business plan for education channels

NamburuGroup : Feasibility study and business plan for real estate channel

Al Rai TV : As is report and technical audit jointly with Wipro

TV Channel Launch Service:

A core team of professionals who have been in the media industry for the last 25 years leads N1 Media. The core teams are highly experienced and have several important projects to their names. They understand the business of content extremely well.

N1 Media provides first hand consultancy services to starting up TV channels with a complete consulting from entire operation to workflow setup, on-air packaging, studio design to content generation and introducing high level of efficiencies that enable the channel to create its own special branding.

N1 Media also offers its expertise to train manpower, provide technical and editorial support as well as introduce competitive efficiencies at different levels. N1 Media1 specializes in preparing a comprehensive blueprint dovetailing the requirements of the promoter with the needs of the market.

Some of the work done under N1 Media Consultancy is as follows:

1. Conceptualization of Content

  • Content Detailing
  • Content Formatting
  • Show Content
  • Content Flow
  • Ideation
  • News / Show Differentiators

2. Content Flow

  • Tentative Flow of Content Mon-Fri
  • Tentative Flow of Content Sat-Sun
  • FPC will contain timings and Names of Shows/News Slots

3. Finalizations of Fixed Point Chart (FPC)

  • Final FPC frozen after a joint call

4. Identification of Manpower

  • Preparation of Manpower Chart via Organogram
  • Fixing positions on the chart for the channel
  • Finding the right people for core team positions
  • Freezing the total manpower with division of responsibilities

5. Recruitment Of Manpower

  • Scrutiny of Resumes
  • Selection of candidates for interview
  • Conducting the interview process

6. Training Of Manpower

  • This includes training of Presenters, Producers, Scriptwriters, Camerapersons, PCR Crew, Videotape Editors, Assignment Desk, Co-ordination Desk, Reporters, Graphics Producers and Ingest Technicians.

7. Editorial Dry Run

  • Complete dry run in 24-hour mode preceding the launch
  • Dry run will have the entire staff in actual channel drive mode
  • Coordination between all wings of the channel 2/3

8. Set Design

  • Design will depend on the Promoterís feedback and space allocated for the purpose

9. Workflow Design

  • Workflow would be designed keeping in mind the nature of the channel, number of hours of fresh content and ratio of live / non-live content
  • Workflow designed would be vetted by the content / programming team

10. Technical Consulting

  • Request For Proposal
  • Scrutiny of Proposal
  • Finalisation of BOM
  • Supervision of System Integration
  • Technical Dry Runs

11. Channel Packaging

News Elements:

  • Channel ID
  • Channel BUG
  • News Windows
  • Menu Plates
  • Weather Plate
  • Into-Break Bumper with and without story slug with option of key window to insert visuals
  • Out-of-Break Bumper
  • Phono Plate
  • OTS
  • Text Headlines
  • Window for split screen GFX
  • Date and Time BUG
  • Location BUG
  • Live BUG
  • Story Slug
  • Sponsor Plate
  • Astons (Option of 2 and 1 line)
  • Breaking News / Flash
  • Ticker (Option of 2 and 1 line)
  • Side BOX for additional information
  • Generic Background for main news and segments 3/3

Show Elements:

  • Windows
  • Into Break Bumper with story slug with option of key window to insert visuals
  • Out of Break Bumper
  • Phono Plate
  • OTS
  • Text Headlines
  • Window for Split screen GFX
  • Location BUG
  • Story Slug
  • Sponsor Plate
  • Astons (Option of 2 and 1 line)