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The N1 Media team comes from a wide range of disciplines and includes former journalists, PR managers, brand strategists and retired bureaucrats. The team specializes in creating and promoting relevant content to valuable audiences and potential stakeholders.

N1 Media stands out in its ability to create diverse video content adaptable for varied platforms television, mobile and online.

A talent pool of highly experienced Writers, Editors and Producers collaborate to deliver smart, text and video exciting content with serious staying power.

We have worked closely with State Governments, NGOs, Trade bodies, Government organizations and Media companies.

Above all, we understand modern needs of communication, specialize in creating messages of connect and assist organizations in getting their thought across.

Corporate Websites

We work closely with online marketing teams to manage regular content updates on corporate websites.

Mobiles and Tablets

The team actively interacts with the client to adapt and tailor content for modern digital needs.